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I'm walking 50 kms this month to leave MS behind


52 KMS

My target

50 KMS

Support my challenge to leave MS behind!

I’m taking part in The May 50K for the MS Canada and the MS International Federation. 

I will be taking on 50km throughout May and leaving my limits behind to raise funds for life-changing research into multiple sclerosis and better access to treatments! 

There are over 90,000 Canadians living with MS and I need your help to leave MS where it belongs, behind us. 

Combined National and Global action is the key to changing the future of MS, so I’ve accepted The May 50K challenge to change lives.

Please make a donation to support my challenge.

Thank you so much!

My Updates


Today is world MS day. Today I wanted to announce it if you didn’t know I made my 50 km. I made it to “Stratford”
It happened last Wednesday after walking a 7km walk with a friend. When I went to log my kms low and behold I was finished.
It was such a shock that I found I wasn’t as excited as I was thinking I would be.
BUT I should be! 50 km is a lot of Kms. Especially for me who has been sitting far too long.
I am really proud of myself
But I’m also really Proud of all of you!
Together we raised over $650 dollars for MS research and that means better lives for people who have this enhancement!
I want to thank everyone who belived that I could do it! You pushed me to my limits, gave me hope to get going on days when I didn’t think I was going to go. Encouraged my ideas and cheered me on!
Maybe next year I’ll bump up my Kms but for now.. I’ll rest.. and also enjoy the busy summer!
Forever grateful to you all!


Omg! I did it and I did t even know!! I'm actually at 50km today! I will have e to write tomorrow since om too tired

over half way!!

11 more Km til my goal  everyone!  thank you for supporting me and believing in me! Now  Im still having some austrilia snafus  but I want you to know that I'm way over my inital $300 Goal I am  pretty  sure I'm about double and for that I really do thank everyone on  both sites!!

my middle also thanks  the walking cause the pounds have been  flying off.. 

 its been a while since i found out where i was in the walk to stratford I guess i better check 

A super forested and grassy area just outside the  stratford air port .. didn't know they had an air port!  Appearently  just trecking through Gads Hill right now!

so close to half way!

23 kms in!! I am so excited !  today  we walked on the iron horse trail and a little in Victoria park. Ive been  feeling a bit  weird this  week so it was nice to  just breathe and take a bit of a meander, 
this getting up early thing isnt working the best for me I am so tired not to mention adding so many steps!
but on my  way to "Stratford" the long way I have almost made it to Phillipsberg  Ontario!

Thats week 1!

This  week  sure did take a lot of effort to  keep  walking  almost every day. Especially  because of the rain being in  play. 
Yesterday  we had a rain reprieve and   that  was good because we were outside most of the day. We signed up to help a friend  with her  garden plot. so after lots of  weeding and digging  we left for a bite to eat.  after we took a quick  walk down the iron horse trail and by that time.. We were all pretty  tired
Today it is raining again. Steve  didn't really want to go out and walk (he's made of sugar ) but I thought, a little rain wont hurt and a few kms will be good.  With  encouragement  from him I slipped on my shoes and  did a few neighborhood laps!Open photo
today we are ..... 

Just outside of St. Agatha. 
Why am I going this way? well  cause it would take  the  about  50kms to get to Stratford this way..
who knows how far I'll go!

Friday! day 5

Last night I had a workshop to go to so I didn't get much stepping in  plus it was  rainy. The workshop was real cool  but I'm keeping the results a surprise!
2.6 km this time  but in the beautiful Huron natural area. its so nice there and today I saw the trillums start to bloom .
No description available.
Lets  see if  I've made it out of the city yet on my way to "Stratford" Ive walked 12 Km and that takes me to....

Looks like I've made it past Costco in waterloo!! Oh  next stop herrles I guess!!! No description available.

Day 3

Chalk up another 3kms for me today. not much of a story cause I am pretty tired today!

I did however make the Bayfield breeze this week! and the picture of me is when I was little and cute!
check it out here !!

Day 2

Day 2
Today. It’s a rough day, the rain isn’t stopping my sock is in the bottom of my shoe, and the wait for a coffee is long. Oh and a bus strike continues. What should I do? It’s rainy and its cold and I don’t want to Walk in this. And my body chimes in with a little bit of pain.
Luckily in Kitchener I have another option. We have walking tracks! After dinner Steve (My fiancé) and I drive up to the sports plex and give it a few laps indoors, with no rain, but still a good amount of cold cause it is above an ice rink.
2.7km later and about 6 times hearing sunshine lollipops we finished our laps. Another great walking day and what’s this… I can proudly show up this cool picture!!
If I was walking to Stratford, I’d be here!
Alexandra Park is on my way to Stratford when I take the long route. Where I am trying to. I think once I get “out of town” its going to be just a little more farmland and maybe boring but for now, I think this could be a cool place to visit!

Day one Monday!

I walked 4kms today. a mini walk near the moose and steve and I walked the graveyard today. On my Stratford walk from my house I would be in down town Kitchener!!
46 more kms to go!
you can definitely still donate and share the link! 344161741_6909401625741796_6188806678287420246_n.jpg?stp=dst-jpg_s600x600&_nc_cat=104&ccb=1-7&_nc_sid=730e14&_nc_ohc=ovqJbImAg-0AX9ZeSqH&_nc_ht=scontent.fyto1-1.fna&oh=00_AfB1asM43V0gY-H7EOQFpog-p72x0mAg1S6R9hYAk08pZQ&oe=6456532F

it's like I walk all the way to stratford

IT Starts on Monday! 50km ! so I looked it up what would it look like if I walked from home 50km. and I found out it's the equilivent of me walking from my home to Stratford! I have found a route and I am going to pretend I am actually walking it! It's also 50 km to woodstock down the highway which is kind of interesting cause It's like me going to the hospital where I get my MRI!

I'm also walking beyond my regular walking day. so I am doing at least 1.5 above my regular day. I'm going to add my own kms. I'm also going to document my walks and try to find you some interesting tid bits along the way.

got me a new pair of shoes, and loads of open space to walk. if you wanna go with me let me know too!! also I'm trying to make a list of good walking songs so please let me know what pumps you up!

One week!

Its all going down next week I can't believe we are at this time. I'm still waiting for things to  update and the lady assures me it will but either way I know you all support me and  that's  just  awesome!
Thank you again sponsors and share my  page  with anyone who wants to  donate to a cause!  I'll be writing more on my  adventures as I navigate this  challenge I have before me!

Been practicing

I've tried to get out and walk at least once a day making sure I'm good and ready for this challenge. We found  a great walking loop around the graveyard by our house and some local trails . Each day on my lunch break I try to walk around the building.  I even bought a hiking in waterloo book so I can't wait to get walking. The 50km I'm doing is over my regular steps. Let's see how far I go!!

Now in Canada

Ok everyone  this is my canada page! I'm excited  still to make my 50 km goal and maybe even more! I'll be documenting my walks as well so stay tuned also if you ever want tonwalk with me let me know!

Thank you to my Sponsors


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Good job! Finish strong.



Good luck, good job.


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Good Luck Ashleigh!


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This is so great!


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You go girl! <3


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Good luck


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Good Luck, much success in your walk. I know you can do it!


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You go girl, best of luck!!


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You rock!


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Ashleigh Latimer

Just testing it out!

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